Monday, December 29, 2008

I am has been a long time.

Yeah Yeah...I am a bad person! I haven't been on here in a loong time!! I think I decided for a while that my life is pretty boring and there isn't much to discuss. Ha! I have to find some friends to get on here and start blogging so we can stay in touch more..I lose track of everyone since we have all gone our seperate ways...But--

As of today, I am going to try very hard to start posting regularly. Even if not many people see it, at least I will feel better about getting some thoughts out. Now that I have thought about it, I do have quite a bit to say!.....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Of course...knowing my luck

Well, what I thought was my problem with my car-turned out not to be the problem at all.. It was my switch, just my little switch that I push every day to roll down my windows. So I thought alright! that won't cost that much..YEAH RIGHT! It cost even more!!! It is a part that can only be ordered from GM. But the people that I took my car to, Today's Technology, were awesome! Rob was the one that I talked to every time and he was very nice and took care of the whole thing. The day I took my car in, he called and told me the news so I went and picked up my car, but he didn't charge me anything for that! I was very impressed!! So he ordered the part, said it would be in on Friday, it was and it took him 10 minutes to put it in. But they were very good and I definitely will be going back if I have a problem.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

They do say little things can do mighty things....

This little thing to my left is what has caused me to have a very rough 2 days!!!! On my whole car, this little bug had to go out....which happens to do a pretty important thing...
Yeah-roll my window up!!!!
My window has been down-almost all the way down-for 2 days now. Not to mention this is the 2ND time it has went out in about a year to a year and a half! I was not to happy when I found this out yesterday then had to go to work and leave my window down all night long...wasn't too warm on my way to work this morning when it was freezing..People probably thought I was a complete idiot!
"She's got her window all the way down and it is freezing! She is crazy!" Nope not crazy-pissed! But I got to work this morning and got numbers for as many places as I could find and made calls since none open until 8am. So, I found one and now it is there-should SHOULD be fixed today so that is good news...but...
the bad news is that little tiny thing is costing me over $100!!!!! Yeah, that is money I have being a poor server college girl..hehe. Everyone needs to come sit at my tables at work and give me some donations for this little piece of crap! HAHA!

Obama is president...and people come runnin' and screamin'!!!

It was a quiet evening last night- I got to get off work early and kind of relax...was watching Law and Order. When it was over, I figured I would see how the election was going-which I was still undecided and did not know who I exactly wanted as our next president..So, I flipped the channel to 3 and saw the news...Obama is officially our president! Well my roommate opened our door because it was hot. Instead of a cool breeze of air, we were startled by the loud yelling of tons of people! We walked outside and over at the new apts across the highway, everyone was going nuts!!! So of course, us being as curious as we are, got into the car and drove down there....people were screaming and yelling, on top of cars driving around...letting off was MADNESS! Well we decided to leave there and continue our hunt..

Other places were fairly quiet which we thought was unusual but everyone must have been at those apts. Well we circled around and saw a cop by the towers so went down that way to head home.....there was mass chaos!!!! There were easily 1000 people standing in the streets-chanting Obama..screaming and carrying was crazy!!

Being from a small hick town like I am, I had NEVER seen anything like it!! It was insane! We finally drove back since people and cops were crawling everywhere..

That is when we noticed about 5 cop cars at the apts across the then it was ironically quiet. So we went home to watch the acceptance speech and then I went to sleep-My roomie came into my room and told me that they were going crazy again at the apts. and how fist fights had happened at BWW's. This was definitely controversial issue even a little town like CDale. Like I said, I am from a village, so this is all news to me...

I guess all we can say is...just pray and see how it turns out!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My great little brother.

My brother, Caid, is 5 years younger than me-6 grades under me. Everyone knows how the typical brother-sister relationship goes.. We used to fight like cats and dogs!!!! We always were at each other's throat and I couldn't really tell you how many times at least one of us said I hate you or you're stupid...

But, it is completely different now..I never thought anything could change between us, but it certainly has. Now he is a sophomore in High School!!! I cannot believe it! He is a star football player, a good basketball player, good with the ladies(hehe)...

He has went from the short little annoying kid that got on everyone's nerves to the tall athletic handsome boy he is now..

I never thought my little (big now) brother would ever steal as much of my heart as he has, but I definitely have a soft spot for him...

Mom even says she can't believe how much we stick up for each other--and I really thought you could never tell a guy anything but I do have one that I can tell everything to.

I am very proud of this---this is the article that 2 classmates and I along with our healthcare management professor wrote and it was published in a healthcare journal. From the amazing help of our professor we were privileged to be included in this magazine. If you are interested in personality assessments in the workforce-check out this article...

#1 Dad!

So, my dad had another race this weekend. I was able to see this one since it was close to home. He usually travels pretty far distances to do this..but excited I got to see him. To clarify what my dad does..he races in hare scrambles- which is dirtbike racing in the woods. Yeah I know..different-HA! But he absolutely loves it! Not to mention-very good at it!!! He won 1st place this weekend!!!!! Here he is with nice big 1st place plaque!! He was so far ahead of the others that at one time he had time to stop, go to our trailer, grab new screws and fix his handlebars--came back on the track was in 4th then passed them ALL on the last lap to win 1st place.... And for the icing on the cake---from placing first he is now #1 on the nation's leader board for mid-south racing in his division!!!!! I am SO proud of him!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Steppin outside the box..

So, I am new to this sort of thing..All of my friends are all into the myspace and facebook. I used to have all of that and was *ADDICTED* but I decided that is caused wayyy too much drama so I just got rid of it all...So I know Mandy at work has this blog and she loves it. I like to look at hers every once in a while so I thought I would give this a try. Maybe, it can help me get some things off of my chest, but I am sure I probably will become addicted to this...but this already seems much safer.