Monday, February 9, 2009

Hectic week

which is unusual for me.
I do have a pretty boring life..but ya know. I like it that way..
Yes, I have drama...who doesn't?! But I like having a calm life.


So this weekend, Brandon,Matt,Kaleigh, and I went to the KAGE ONE
fight here in Carbondale. I had never been to one, but Brandon loves it!
Well I have to say it was awesome!! It was so neat to be there up close
and personal..One guy's nose was broken and you could hear the crack
where we were sitting. The only bad thing of the night was the only
thing they sold was MILLER LITE! YUCK! That is definitely not the
good beer..haha! Sooo-we had to go B Dub's afterwards and get some
real beer..(Sorry to those that like it-I just can't take it.
So before that, we spent the day in Carbondale at the mall with
B's mom, Kaitlyn, and Cassie-one of her little friends! Kait got to
get some new clothes but the whole trying on didn't last very long...
but she got some really cute shirts. Oh they even got their nails
done and they were super cute! She was very proud to have nails
like me-kind of. ha!
So we got up from the hotel-which we stayed in so Kait and Cassie
could swim the night before when we were at the fight. His mom
stayed with them. So--we started back home and took Cassie home.
When we got to his mom and dad's, Kait wanted to play Trouble--
so we did--about 20 times!! I love playing with her..and I actually
really got into the game. And we played air hockey and racko.
She kicked my butt at air hockey...but when we started playing racko
-she told me "I'm getting better..I don't even have to cheat anymore"
HAHA She is something else!
Then we went to his cousin's for her bday and had pizza. We were
sitting in the chair at Michelle's and she wanted to take a picture...
well-everytime she snapped it she would move too fast and it
would be so blurry. So she got aggravated and had me try..she
said finally haha but I'm not even smiling- her and her little quirks.
Gotta love her!!!

This is the picture that we finally ended up with.Not the best but better than her blurrs!

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