Monday, February 9, 2009

Hectic week

which is unusual for me.
I do have a pretty boring life..but ya know. I like it that way..
Yes, I have drama...who doesn't?! But I like having a calm life.


So this weekend, Brandon,Matt,Kaleigh, and I went to the KAGE ONE
fight here in Carbondale. I had never been to one, but Brandon loves it!
Well I have to say it was awesome!! It was so neat to be there up close
and personal..One guy's nose was broken and you could hear the crack
where we were sitting. The only bad thing of the night was the only
thing they sold was MILLER LITE! YUCK! That is definitely not the
good beer..haha! Sooo-we had to go B Dub's afterwards and get some
real beer..(Sorry to those that like it-I just can't take it.
So before that, we spent the day in Carbondale at the mall with
B's mom, Kaitlyn, and Cassie-one of her little friends! Kait got to
get some new clothes but the whole trying on didn't last very long...
but she got some really cute shirts. Oh they even got their nails
done and they were super cute! She was very proud to have nails
like me-kind of. ha!
So we got up from the hotel-which we stayed in so Kait and Cassie
could swim the night before when we were at the fight. His mom
stayed with them. So--we started back home and took Cassie home.
When we got to his mom and dad's, Kait wanted to play Trouble--
so we did--about 20 times!! I love playing with her..and I actually
really got into the game. And we played air hockey and racko.
She kicked my butt at air hockey...but when we started playing racko
-she told me "I'm getting better..I don't even have to cheat anymore"
HAHA She is something else!
Then we went to his cousin's for her bday and had pizza. We were
sitting in the chair at Michelle's and she wanted to take a picture...
well-everytime she snapped it she would move too fast and it
would be so blurry. So she got aggravated and had me try..she
said finally haha but I'm not even smiling- her and her little quirks.
Gotta love her!!!

This is the picture that we finally ended up with.Not the best but better than her blurrs!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

proving my point..

Okay, this is really ridiculous, but had to prove my I did the research?

When you see this picture, what is it called?
Most people probably say manilla folder.
Well, now time for the reason behind this insanity..
At work, Robbie came to my desk and asked for a manilla folder, so I ask: "What color?" and he says: "Duh manilla!"
I didn't think that was the name because of the color, I thought they were all not wanting to look like an idiot-I researched it to see the reason the name was that.. and I was right!! The name is because of what the folder is made out of-NOT THE COLOR! I actually won an argument with Mr. Robbie MUAH HA HA made me feel good! hehe. So of course him being the way he was-went and asked other people what it was. Some people said manilla but I still had a few people on my side! So I think I proved my point quite well!
Now of course it is one of the many jokes of the office. Oh what we do in the HR office! ha!

countdown has begun..

1st off----it has been a week since I have last written on my blog, which really I am surprised I have made it that long...but I just started grad school last Thursday, so I have been doing homework and more homework. Even though, there is a lot I do really like it - or at least I think that I am going to.
Also, I have started training to learn all the new goodies of my new job!! I will be officially on my own starting MONDAY.. from today..I can't believe it is that time-doing the work on my own-trying to remember every step I have to take to get this job done. It is a little nerve-racking and I am trying to let it all soak in so I will remember...let's hope that I make it through. I know there will be many times I will have mess-ups, but that is when I will learn from my mistakes and keep on going!

Robbie-the one training me- has done a very good job at really helping me out. I know I have made some very goofy mistakes just starting, but he has helped reassure me that is happens and makes me feel better about it! I am sad that he is going...but this is definitely a good thing for and he completely deserves it!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun filled week!

I haven't even had the time to write out about the week that my parents had last week.

My 2 cousins went on a trip to Mexico so their 3 kids stayed with my mom and dad. If you ask the little girl-Kylee. Her parents were gone to 'Cabo San Louis' and she got to stay at Gina's

for a whole week!

Oh what a week it was!!!

I got to hear about all week long- what the kids said, I got pictures the whole bit.
One night mom sent me a picture of Kylee. She had all of mom's teddy bears lined up right behind each other and she says

"They are waiting in line to play hopscotch. After my turn, they get to go"
So I was able to stay entertained too.

Anyway...last Wednesday night, we all had tickets to see the Globe trotters here in Cdale sooo.... here came the Griffin wagon up my way:

Dad,Mom,Kale,Kolten,Kylee,Caid, and Fallon(my bro's gf)

Here are the 3 cute kids

They all came to my house because I fixed supper for them all and then we headed to the game.
I have never seen them play and I have to say that show was HILARIOUS! Kylee wasn't as interested as the boys. They had a blast! She kept saying she was soo tired and sat on my lap the whole time.

This is just one of the very many pictures I took

Afterwards they came to my house to put their PJs on before heading home...Well Ky walked through the door, she had all the energy in the world and I mean ALL the energy. She was running and trying to jump up on my bed. Once she nailed the side a few times and finally learned how to get up there, she was jumping and then running everywhere.

I decided I think she would have had more fun if her and I would have stayed home. HA!

Anyway--they were great kids and I think mom and dad did have a lot of fun, but mom did say she was glad to have the house back quiet. It's always fun to keep kids, spoil them, then send them back to the mom and dads :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Would you like some cheese with that wine??..

On Sunday, I got to attend my very first HR outing! And I also got to go to a winery for the first time ever. Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone-HA I have never really liked that saying but I figured I could try it out...

Anywho- We went to Von Jakob winery and we all had a blast! I got to try out some wines because I am really not a wine person, but I did find 2 kinds I really like!--suprisingly.

I did find out how LOUD we could be when we are all in the same place and several bottles of wine are involved. We were all having a great time until Robbie came up to us, in the most serious voice ever, and says:

"I am going to say this once so listen up! They quit selling bottles at 4:00 and it is 4:00.." He didn't even finish the rest of this statement because there was then about 5-6 people grabbing their wallets and purses headed for the door to get another bottle of wine... It was like a herd of animals goig after food. HAHA.

I really don't know how many bottles between all of us, which was about 11 people, we drank But I brought home 3 empty ones for my kitchen and that wasn't even putting a dent in it I don't think.

So they close at 5 (which we all decided was a bunch of crap because we were having way too much fun) sooo..we needed a plan of where we were going..

We decided to all go to Tres and finish up the party there. We went and ate dinner and of course--drank! hehe.
I had so much fun and I am definitely looking forward to more outings! I have a great bunch of co-workers!! ;)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bad news bears....

I hate to say it but hair cut picture...
I told him I would love to get a picture-because it would remind us of funny times..
So much for that comment. He did not technically agree with that. HA!
He said quote unquote-"If you want to see pissed, take a picture and you won't have
a phone anymore to talk to me because I will break it" HAHAHA I did feel sorry for
him and I shouldn't have even mentioned-really I should have just snapped one when he was
still asleep HAHAHA-oooh that's mean. Anyway, when I went home for lunch yesterday, he was asleep because he had to go to work last night so he was pretty out of it so after making the rude comment and mumbling, he came back with a very sweet comment. I was getting ready to walk out the door and he said "I love you even though you made me look like this"---You know something is pretty hilarious but still very cute coming from a man 3/4 of the way asleep with a haircut with 3 different lengths in uneven lines all across his head! Hehe..that definitely became a story to tell at work! Oh how much I love him!!!! He keeps everything interesting!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

That is why I didn't go to cosmotology school...

I really wish I had a picture of the events that happened last night...
Brandon and I went out just for a drink when he decided he really
needed to go to Wal-Mart and get a new razor-Kind of out of the blue-
but alright...
Reason for that is he usually keeps his hair cut pretty short so
it is just-well usually-alot easier and cheaper if I do it. So we find one and leave
to go home and start the hair cutting session.

We started with a longer razor cut...well he decided it needed to be shorter..
So here we go......
I go to the next size to make it shorter-against my will-I like it the
1st length---**just for the record**
Well I get a few strips done and it decides to not really cut hair anymore
It was because it kept getting hair stuck in it haha..come to find out it was a beard razor!

Oh but wait not even the best part--it gets better... He finally says forget it, just go
down to only the razor it will be pretty much the same length but it shouldn't
get stuck in there and make this last 5 hours. So we are both frustrated at this
time and ready to be done so I just agreed! So there are about 2 0r 3 different
lengths going on on top of his head...

So everything was going then the little buzz of the razor gets a little slower.....
and slower..........slower.......On the first big strip up the back of his head....
IT DIES! Sooooooo---he has longer hair on the right side of his head and a few places in the middle and kinda spotted with medium hair and the left and one big strip in the back cut down right to his scalp...

*I just want you to imagine this scene...because it is hilarious!!! I feel so bad for spending all that time on his head!!! But, you have to admit it is a freakin' funny story!! If I go home for lunch, I am going to try to sneak a picture while he is asleep since he sleeps all day because he has to work tonight! We will see if I am victorious in being sneaky.....