Wednesday, January 21, 2009

proving my point..

Okay, this is really ridiculous, but had to prove my I did the research?

When you see this picture, what is it called?
Most people probably say manilla folder.
Well, now time for the reason behind this insanity..
At work, Robbie came to my desk and asked for a manilla folder, so I ask: "What color?" and he says: "Duh manilla!"
I didn't think that was the name because of the color, I thought they were all not wanting to look like an idiot-I researched it to see the reason the name was that.. and I was right!! The name is because of what the folder is made out of-NOT THE COLOR! I actually won an argument with Mr. Robbie MUAH HA HA made me feel good! hehe. So of course him being the way he was-went and asked other people what it was. Some people said manilla but I still had a few people on my side! So I think I proved my point quite well!
Now of course it is one of the many jokes of the office. Oh what we do in the HR office! ha!

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