Tuesday, November 4, 2008

#1 Dad!

So, my dad had another race this weekend. I was able to see this one since it was close to home. He usually travels pretty far distances to do this..but excited I got to see him. To clarify what my dad does..he races in hare scrambles- which is dirtbike racing in the woods. Yeah I know..different-HA! But he absolutely loves it! Not to mention-very good at it!!! He won 1st place this weekend!!!!! Here he is with nice big 1st place plaque!! He was so far ahead of the others that at one time he had time to stop, go to our trailer, grab new screws and fix his handlebars--came back on the track was in 4th then passed them ALL on the last lap to win 1st place.... And for the icing on the cake---from placing first he is now #1 on the nation's leader board for mid-south racing in his division!!!!! I am SO proud of him!!!

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