Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama is president...and people come runnin' and screamin'!!!

It was a quiet evening last night- I got to get off work early and kind of relax...was watching Law and Order. When it was over, I figured I would see how the election was going-which I was still undecided and did not know who I exactly wanted as our next president..So, I flipped the channel to 3 and saw the news...Obama is officially our president! Well my roommate opened our door because it was hot. Instead of a cool breeze of air, we were startled by the loud yelling of tons of people! We walked outside and over at the new apts across the highway, everyone was going nuts!!! So of course, us being as curious as we are, got into the car and drove down there....people were screaming and yelling, on top of cars driving around...letting off was MADNESS! Well we decided to leave there and continue our hunt..

Other places were fairly quiet which we thought was unusual but everyone must have been at those apts. Well we circled around and saw a cop by the towers so went down that way to head home.....there was mass chaos!!!! There were easily 1000 people standing in the streets-chanting Obama..screaming and carrying was crazy!!

Being from a small hick town like I am, I had NEVER seen anything like it!! It was insane! We finally drove back since people and cops were crawling everywhere..

That is when we noticed about 5 cop cars at the apts across the then it was ironically quiet. So we went home to watch the acceptance speech and then I went to sleep-My roomie came into my room and told me that they were going crazy again at the apts. and how fist fights had happened at BWW's. This was definitely controversial issue even a little town like CDale. Like I said, I am from a village, so this is all news to me...

I guess all we can say is...just pray and see how it turns out!

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