Monday, November 10, 2008

Of course...knowing my luck

Well, what I thought was my problem with my car-turned out not to be the problem at all.. It was my switch, just my little switch that I push every day to roll down my windows. So I thought alright! that won't cost that much..YEAH RIGHT! It cost even more!!! It is a part that can only be ordered from GM. But the people that I took my car to, Today's Technology, were awesome! Rob was the one that I talked to every time and he was very nice and took care of the whole thing. The day I took my car in, he called and told me the news so I went and picked up my car, but he didn't charge me anything for that! I was very impressed!! So he ordered the part, said it would be in on Friday, it was and it took him 10 minutes to put it in. But they were very good and I definitely will be going back if I have a problem.

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