Wednesday, January 21, 2009

countdown has begun..

1st off----it has been a week since I have last written on my blog, which really I am surprised I have made it that long...but I just started grad school last Thursday, so I have been doing homework and more homework. Even though, there is a lot I do really like it - or at least I think that I am going to.
Also, I have started training to learn all the new goodies of my new job!! I will be officially on my own starting MONDAY.. from today..I can't believe it is that time-doing the work on my own-trying to remember every step I have to take to get this job done. It is a little nerve-racking and I am trying to let it all soak in so I will remember...let's hope that I make it through. I know there will be many times I will have mess-ups, but that is when I will learn from my mistakes and keep on going!

Robbie-the one training me- has done a very good job at really helping me out. I know I have made some very goofy mistakes just starting, but he has helped reassure me that is happens and makes me feel better about it! I am sad that he is going...but this is definitely a good thing for and he completely deserves it!!

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