Monday, January 12, 2009

Would you like some cheese with that wine??..

On Sunday, I got to attend my very first HR outing! And I also got to go to a winery for the first time ever. Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone-HA I have never really liked that saying but I figured I could try it out...

Anywho- We went to Von Jakob winery and we all had a blast! I got to try out some wines because I am really not a wine person, but I did find 2 kinds I really like!--suprisingly.

I did find out how LOUD we could be when we are all in the same place and several bottles of wine are involved. We were all having a great time until Robbie came up to us, in the most serious voice ever, and says:

"I am going to say this once so listen up! They quit selling bottles at 4:00 and it is 4:00.." He didn't even finish the rest of this statement because there was then about 5-6 people grabbing their wallets and purses headed for the door to get another bottle of wine... It was like a herd of animals goig after food. HAHA.

I really don't know how many bottles between all of us, which was about 11 people, we drank But I brought home 3 empty ones for my kitchen and that wasn't even putting a dent in it I don't think.

So they close at 5 (which we all decided was a bunch of crap because we were having way too much fun) sooo..we needed a plan of where we were going..

We decided to all go to Tres and finish up the party there. We went and ate dinner and of course--drank! hehe.
I had so much fun and I am definitely looking forward to more outings! I have a great bunch of co-workers!! ;)

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