Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun filled week!

I haven't even had the time to write out about the week that my parents had last week.

My 2 cousins went on a trip to Mexico so their 3 kids stayed with my mom and dad. If you ask the little girl-Kylee. Her parents were gone to 'Cabo San Louis' and she got to stay at Gina's

for a whole week!

Oh what a week it was!!!

I got to hear about all week long- what the kids said, I got pictures the whole bit.
One night mom sent me a picture of Kylee. She had all of mom's teddy bears lined up right behind each other and she says

"They are waiting in line to play hopscotch. After my turn, they get to go"
So I was able to stay entertained too.

Anyway...last Wednesday night, we all had tickets to see the Globe trotters here in Cdale sooo.... here came the Griffin wagon up my way:

Dad,Mom,Kale,Kolten,Kylee,Caid, and Fallon(my bro's gf)

Here are the 3 cute kids

They all came to my house because I fixed supper for them all and then we headed to the game.
I have never seen them play and I have to say that show was HILARIOUS! Kylee wasn't as interested as the boys. They had a blast! She kept saying she was soo tired and sat on my lap the whole time.

This is just one of the very many pictures I took

Afterwards they came to my house to put their PJs on before heading home...Well Ky walked through the door, she had all the energy in the world and I mean ALL the energy. She was running and trying to jump up on my bed. Once she nailed the side a few times and finally learned how to get up there, she was jumping and then running everywhere.

I decided I think she would have had more fun if her and I would have stayed home. HA!

Anyway--they were great kids and I think mom and dad did have a lot of fun, but mom did say she was glad to have the house back quiet. It's always fun to keep kids, spoil them, then send them back to the mom and dads :)

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